Analytics and evaluations for LLM apps

Pre-launch evaluations and post-launch monitoring let you get in control when launching to production
Analytics & monitoring

Get in control of your LLM

Logging, frictionless tagging and evaluations on production data let’s you build trust in your LLM pipeline. Since outputs from an LLM are non-deterministic, monitoring and getting insights on performance is a unique challenge. Eliminate the need for reviewing and tagging LLM outputs in spreadsheets or manually going through endless data of user input/model output.


Save information input, output, pipeline events, users, models used and feature flags. Quickly get an overview of how your model operates.

Auto tagging

Tag inputs and outputs by automatically. Add a tag for language, questions about a specific product or a specific feature.

Online evals

Assess quality based on custom defined metrics. Is the model generating output with the right tone of voice or length? Is the model indicating it can’t answer the question?
Tests & offline evaluations

Launch new iterations with confidence

It’s difficult to assess what results a change in your LLM pipeline has on the output of the model. One way to test the model is to do it manually, but this is slow and inaccurate. Vectorview let’s you run through a pre-defined test set to quickly validate pipeline updates.
Offline evals
Run tests with custom evaluators before launching the model in production.
Custom data sets
Define highly relevant custom data sets with input/output from production logs.
Get started with three lines of code

Easy integration

pip install vectorview
from vectorview import Vectorview, pipeline_decorator
vv = Vectorview(pipeline_id='<YOUR_PIPELINE_KEY>')

def llm_app_pipeline(input):
    output = get_output(input)
    return output


We offer plans to match your goals.

Free trial, 14 days

Try Vectorview for free for 14 days. Includes all features in growth plan.

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Growth plan

Our growth plan includes all features of Vectorview and scales as you grow.

$49 /month
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5k logs included

+$25 per 5k additional logs

90 day data retention

Custom evaluators


A custom plan tailored to your needs.

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Everything in growth and

SSO Authentication

180 day data retention

Custom dashboards

Full service onboarding

Insights into user queries, model answers and automatic evals

Tune your model to provide the most relevant and high quality context based on the end-user queries

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