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Evaluating capabilities of AI

Custom capability evaluations for foundation models and LLM-agents to benchmark safety, risk and performance
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Don't rely on general purpose benchmarks

Run custom evaluation tasks specific to your use case in order to benchmark capabilities and understand risks. By providing a virtual environment, custom tasks can effortlessly be set up to evaluate foundation models and LLM agents automatically.


An LLM that is given tools and agency is capable of great things. But how great exactly? Evaluate the feasibility of your use case before building it.

Red teaming

AI can be biased, offensive and hard to steer. De-risk deployments of AI in a business setting by identifying risks early with automated red-teaming.

AI safety

AI advancements could solve many of humanities biggest problems, but can also pose existential risk. We help evaluate the dangerous capabilities of AI. Testing for these capabilities let you push the frontier of AI research without causing harm.
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Realizing the full potential of AI

At Vectorview, we hold the conviction that AI possesses the power to transform our world for the better—but this won't happen by default. Our mission is to advance AI by defining the new standard for evaluating capabilities and risks, ensuring we're shaping a world where the full potential of AI is realized.

-Emil & Lukas

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